Full range of Count the Costs briefings now available in Spanish

The Count the Costs initiative set out to highlight the disastrous unintended consequences of the war on drugs and encourage a debate about alternative approaches. To this end, we have produced a suite of briefings demonstrating how the global drug war is negatively impacting international development and security, public health, human rights, discrimination, crime, the environment, and the economy. All these briefings have now been translated into Spanish, in the hope that they will be a useful tool in Latin America, the region that has historically been hardest hit by the war on drugs. (To download the Spanish-language briefings, please visit the links below.)

Our aim is for people working in all the above sectors to read and use these resources, and become engaged in the debate. In 2016, the UN will hold the first global discussion on drug policy since 1998, and support from large, mainstream NGOs from outside the drugs sector will be crucial in moving the issue of reform forward at this international level. Again, to further inform this debate, the Count the Costs initiative has produced a briefing (also available in Spanish below) specifically exploring possible options for reform.

Please download and share all these resources as widely as possible, and if you or your organisation would like to discuss other ways of getting involved in Count the Costs, please email info@countthecosts.org

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